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Birthdate:Aug 9
[IC Information]
Character Name:Yachiru Kusajishi
Age: Unknown (looks to be about five, but is likely much older)
Species: shinigami
Sexuality: None (she’s a kid)

Appearance: An adorable little girl with bright pink hair and dark eyes. She the black robes of a shinigami, and pulls her zanpakto behind her with a string and special wheels attached to the sheath.

Personality: Yachiru is an upbeat, happy little girl, who happened to be raised by a man whose entire life is devoted to fighting and killing. She loves drawing, candy, playing outside, killing things, and watching Ken-chan kill things. She has a short attention span, and usually becomes distracted if things don’t hold her interest. However, once something does catch her eye, nothing had better distract her from it. She tends to be jealous of those who she feels are subsuming her position with the people she cares about, and does not respond well to most criticism.

Still, under it all is a sweet girl who cares deeply for the people important to her, and wants them to be happy and have fun. She loves nothing more than seeing Ken-chan happy. She can have moments of startling depth and quiet happiness.

Abilities: Yachiru posses incredible physical abilities, easily able to heft a man many times her own size with ease and leap across buildings while carrying him. While this strength has been reduced in Manhattan, she is still able to lift heavy objects such as an easy chair or a motorcycle, and jump to a tree from the ground (although not at the same time).

She also has the ability to emit a tremendous amount of spirit pressure in the form of a pink snarling cat, enough to render some unconscious. Again, the amount she can release now is about a fourth of what she could before. This means that her auro is now invisible to humans aside from making her eyes glow a little, and rather than making them pass out it simply makes them feel uncomfortable.

Yachiru carries her Zanpakto. It is unknown if she can release it to its shikai state, but it is a sharp and dangerous instrument regardless.

Weaknesses: Yachiru has a short attention span, and can easily become agitated if criticized. She also has a strong weakness for candy, and can be easily bribed with it. She has an atrocious sense of direction. She still has the mind of a child, and therefore doesn’t get many complicated concepts, or interprets them in unusual ways.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider

History: Yachiru was born in the 79th district of North Rukongai, one of the most violent and depraved districts in all of Soul Society, the realm where spirits went to after they died. Her parents were killed shortly after, and the infant would have also died for sure if she had not been found by an unnamed swordsman from the 80th district, who met her after slaughtering a number of bandits. No one knows why, but this swordsman decided to name Yachiru after the only person he ever respected (perhaps because she was the only person to show no fear before him), and name himself Kenpachi Zaraki after the strongest warrior in Soul Society. He adopted Yachiru and took her with him, and when he finally assumed command of the 11th division of the Court Guard Squads in charge of defending Soul Society, she became his vice-captain.

In Squad 11 she also forged a bond with squad members Ikkaku and Yumichika, the squad’s third and fifth seated officers respectively, who had met Zaraki and Yachiru during their wandering days and been so impressed with Zaraki’s strength that they followed him to Soul Society. Although she frequently abuses Baldy (Ikkaku) and makes fun of Yumichika, she does care about both of them, and they look after her. Ikkaku is the one who installed the wheels on her Zanpakto’s hilt, and Yumichika is generally in charge of making sure she receives at least rudimentary education, and grows to be something vaguely resembling a lady…he’s got his work cut out for him.

Yachiru continues to follow “Ken-chan” everywhere from her favorite position on his shoulder, and she assisted him in tracking down Ichigo, the strongest of the Ryoka invaders, who had appeared in Soul Society to rescue one of their comrades. Of course, given her sense of direction it took them a very long time to actually find Ichigo, but when they did he and Zaraki engaged in an epic battle. After seeing how much fun Ken-chan had playing with Ichi (read, killing each other) Yachiru decided to leave Ichigo alive, and told him to try not to die so they could play again. With the battle over she carried the badly wounded Zaraki off to get treated for his injuries, saving his life in the process. Afterwards they joined Ikkaku and Yumichika in busting Ichigo’s friends out of jail, deciding to help the Ryoka who had proven themselves strong and interesting opponents, in the hopes of fighting them at a later date. The group were quickly confronted by two other captains and their subordinates, and Zaraki left Yachiru to lead Ichigo’s friends to the execution site where Rukia (the soul reaper they were trying to save) was about to be killed, while Ikkaku, Yumichika, and he fought. The group was too late to help in the ensuing melee on the execution grounds, but with Yachiru’s help they got up there safely, in time to help the badly injured Ichigo. After it was revealed a traitor in Soul Society had masterminded the whole conflict, Squad 11’s treason was forgiven.

Yachiru returned to her day to day life with Zaraki, although she did somewhat miss Baldy and Weird Brows (Yumichika) who had been sent to the living world on an assignment. A few days ago she set off with Zaraki for Hueco Mundo (Home of the evil spirits known as Hollows and the traitors to Soul Society who had orchestrated Rukia’s attempted execution) to aid Ichi and his friends in their battle with the Arrancar (powerful Hollow), but found herself separated from him on the way through the portal to Hueco Mundo and in exited in the ruins of Manhattan.

[This is an RP journal for daisychainrpg played by anzila. Yachiru owned by Tite Kubo. Cloverfield owned by J.J. Abrams. All events and entries in this journal are purely fictional and written for the purposes of roleplaying. The author makes no profit off these writings or this journal. Any resemblance to other characters or events, whether real or fictional, is purely coincidental.]

The Mun
Name: Brandon
Age: 21
AIM / E-mail / LiveJournal: Anzila86/
Have you seen Cloverfield? Yes.
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